In this first level, you have learned how to:


  • Write simple, clear messages in Plain English. 
  • Structure emails logically with my four-point plan.
  • Warm up your writing to add a personal touch.
  • Use fewer words and add impact.
  • Focus on the reader and make messages actionable.

Thanks for this great feedback about the Bronze Level:

I really enjoyed working through Shirley’s online course. She made the training very practical and fun, especially learning to ditch the dinosaur language. I am much more confident now in presenting myself in writing after attending this course.

Chen Choo Pin


When Shirley explains, it is even clearer than reading her books. She's so warm and has a human touch. Awesome!

Thian Loong Lim

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What a refreshing style Shirley has. Her video training was fun and informative. I enjoyed every moment and learned a lot. I have lots of words in the bin now, so no more dinosaur language. Only Plain English for me. Thank you.

Katya Aswad


Now it's time to take it to the next level with the SILVER LEVEL course.

In this interactive, engaging, online course, you'll learn much more about how to:

  • avoid the seven deadly sins of Plain English
  • craft great messages and build relationships using Plain English.
  • make sure your messages look good and sound good.
  • learn when to use bullets and when to use numbers.
  • know why active voice is better than passive voice.
  • and much more!


In the SILVER LEVEL, each module includes handouts, exercises and checklists that will be so useful, including Shirley's poster '8 Keys To Crafting Great Emails'



As a thank you for signing up for SILVER LEVEL membership, you will also receive this special gift. Shirley's new checklist '21 Ways You Can Make A Difference At Work'

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